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Let's be real, things aren't normal.

Thankfully for you, OPEX Baltimore is uniquely equipped to support you during these strange times.

Rhythm and schedule, accountability and normalcy. Everyone is struggling with these pieces right now. We know that regaining control is easier said than done. We have been working with our clients for a decade now on these exact pieces and have proven systems to help get you to whatever comes next for you in life.

Here's what Remote Fitness Training with OPEX Baltimore looks like:


The initial consultation allows us to figure out where you are in life RIGHT NOW. What's your work situation? Sleep quality? Stress? Nutrition profile? We get into it all, so that we can design this program to be exactly what you need.


Rest assured, the coach you'll be paired with didn't start their career two weeks ago when they were forced to learn how to work with people remotely. OPEX Coaches have been trained specifically on how to work with clients remotely, we can DELIVER and have been for a decade!


The last piece of the puzzle is our Truecoach software which provides videos and in depth instructions for your exercise sessions. Accountability is built-in by tracking your results, back and forth communication with your coach, and monthly meetings to provide support in nutrition, sleep, stress, and much more.

Note, that we aren't talking about fitness challenges, live-streamed workouts, and discounted at home coaching. While those all might look good because they're quick and INTENSE workouts, You know deep down that they're not what you need and not designed for you and they don't provide the nutrition and lifestyle coaching which is so critical at this time in the world! So you can stop your Google searches for online fitness coaches who are trying this for the first time and start working with the team that's been doing this all along!

Your OPEX coach works with you to ensure your program is completely personalized to your life right now, all from your own home!

Remote Fitness Membership Includes:

  • Initial consultation (30 minutes)
  • One virtual assessment (60 minutes)
  • Unlimited personalized weekly workouts
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching
  • Two Monthly check-ins (15-30 minutes)
  • Access to virtual coaching during your daily workouts
  • Unlimited access to the facility when we are up & running

ONLY $249.99/month with a 3 month contract

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Nothing can compare to a personalized plan built from scratch, but if you want to get a small taste of what it's like to work with an OPEX Coach, schedule a call and we'll get you setup with your two-week program designed for those with minimal equipment.

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