Phil S
OPEX Baltimore | South client

Phil S

About four years ago, I was out of shape and unable to break through on anything resembling a path to fitness. I made the decision that it was time to stop trying to figure it all out on my own, and seek the guidance of a coach. I came to Sean McCullagh on the advice of an expert, and it one of the best decisions I’ve made. To be sure, I can now pull-up and power clean and everything in between, and you will be able to as well before too long with his help. But he also serves as a guide on food and sleep and all other matters that affect your health.

I have seen my strength and my fitness improve dramatically, including in deeply quantifiable ways, because your progress is tracked over time. What I have learned above all is that there is an enormous gulf between dragging yourself to a gym every day or forcing yourself to jog around the neighborhood (what I was doing before) and working through a training plan under the active coaching and guidance of an expert. On much of this, especially for those who were pretty uninitiated like me, there is no substitute for a teacher or a guide.

When you are ready to try something like that, I strongly recommend Opex. They offer a form of highly personalized attention and work-outs in a community setting that is pretty unique. You will get to know (and if you would like, compete alongside) others working around you towards your own goals, you will learn about your own body and what it needs, and you will grow stronger and fitter with each passing week.

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