What is OPEX?
13 Sep

What is OPEX?

Welcome to the last gym you’ll ever need. We are OPEX. We are the future of fitness. Quite simply, OPEX is an OPtimum EXperience designed for you and only you. You’re busy and need a personalized plan that delivers results without wasting your time. 

The current fitness landscape includes one-size-fits-all group fitness, hitting the gym without a plan, personal training that seems to be going nowhere, and bouncing from physical therapist to chiropractor to help patch you together to throw you back into a system that isn’t working for you. OPEX is the antidote.

OPEX is personalized fitness in a small group environment.

Every client has their own coach who designs their fitness training, nourishment support and lifestyle focus, AND for each of their fitness sessions, they have the guidance of a coach while working out in a small group environment!

One Client

You are number 1! Your goals, your life, your desires are what we cater too. Everything we do exists to help support your progress in the gym, and create success for you outside of the gym.

One Coach

In order to ensure your success, we know you need your own coach. Your coach is here to figure out exactly where you are right now, where you want to go, and collaborate with you to create the plan to get you there.  OPEX Coaches are true professionals, this is their career, and they only succeed when you succeed.

One Community

Ever been in a gym and just feel like you don’t belong? That’s not a thing here at OPEX Baltimore. That’s because everyone here is here for the same reason, they want to LIVE A LARGER LIFE with fitness as their base of support. Meaning, we all recognize that fitness is an integral part to feeling good, looking good, and living a fulfilled life outside of the gym.

About the Author:

Sean is an OPEX CCP coach at OPEX Baltimore South with 15 years of fitness experience ranging from Rowing, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Adventure Racing, CrossFit.

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