Initial Consultation: Finding Your “Why” for lasting results
01 Dec

Initial Consultation: Finding Your “Why” for lasting results

Right from the beginning your experience with OPEX Baltimore is different. We are actually interested in getting to know YOU. To effectively reach your goals we need to get to your specific “whys.”  Everyone wants to “improve their fitness” or “lose a few pounds” but what are your specific priorities? What does achieving your goals look like? Does reaching your fitness goals lead to finding a mate, or improving your mental acuity at work to get that promotion? These priorities are different for everyone.

Asking these questions allows us to begin to uncover where you are right now, where you want to go, and how we can guide you there. Our initial consultation is designed to unearth the answers to these questions, begin to peel back the layers of the true you, and lay the foundation for an ongoing coach/client relationship.

Your initial consultation will follow this basic structure:

  • Where are you coming from? We ask a few initial questions prior to your appointment in a survey, helping us get a start on what your life looked like prior to walking in our door.  These questions cover the basics: athletic background, level of experience in strength training (if any), injury history, and medical history. All of these questions help us start to paint your unique picture.

  • Where are you now? During the consultation, we’ll take a look at your life as it is now.  We’ll dig into work schedules, relationships, hobbies, sleep schedule, stress level and more. These factors are hugely important to us creating your fully personalized fitness training, nourishment and lifestyle plan.

  • Why are you here? The more authentic an answer we are able to uncover, the better your coach can align your program with your true motivations, and the more likely you are going to be fulfilled with the outcome of your program!  Don’t worry, getting to your WHY doesn’t happen overnight, but we have to start somewhere!!!

This consultative approach to creating personalized fitness programs is unique and the basis for what we do at OPEX Baltimore. By answering these questions, we can better craft your fitness program and create TRUE goals and priorities for us to work together.  

After your initial consultation, we start the Assessment process. In that, we take a deeper dive into where you are now physically with a precise body composition measurement, movement screens, and current nourishment and lifestyle overviews.

If you want to get started on your journey with us today, click on the link to sign up for our four-week no-obligation trial offer.

About the Author:

Sean is an OPEX CCP coach at OPEX Baltimore South with 15 years of fitness experience ranging from Rowing, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Adventure Racing, CrossFit.

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